1. I have ordered a customisation, how long will it take to be delivered to me?   We aim to have customisations delivered to you with 7 days.   Our hope is less, but to be safe we recommend you plan your event around 7 days.
  2. How long is delivery?  On standard items that do not have customisation, we hope to have it ready for dispatch with in 3 working days.  We use Evri as our courier and always go with the 1-2 day delivery option.  While we do everything in our power to ensure the delivery gets to you on time, once we hand over your item to the courier, its out of of our control.  You will be given a tracking code to track your parcel.
  3. How much is delivery?  Delivery is free!
  4. Do you deliver outside at the UK?   We can do, but unfortunately this is not free.   If you are outside the UK, please contact us for a delivery price
  5. What fit is the clothing?   The fit of all our clothing is regular fit, so if you like lose and baggy items we recommend you order a size up.
  6. Are you a print on demand service?   We are to a certain extent.   We only print what is ordered, so don't carry stock of finished items.  However, we print the items at home to ensure quality is up to our high standard.  We check and make sure there is nothing wrong with it before we send it to you.
  7. I am a graphic designer and want to get my designs out there, can you help?  Yes!!  Please get in tough, we are always looking for fresh new ideas to bring to market.
  8. Do you use mock-ups in your images?  We do.   We wouldn't be able to show you what the design would look like if we didn't use mock-ups.
  9. How accurate is the clothing colour and design?  As with all things online the colour you see is influenced by your screen.   When we create the mock-ups we use the manufacturers colour code to determine the clothing colour, and the design we use is the actual one that is printed.   We try as much as possible to represent a true colour image.  Please allow for slight variations from what you see to what you get.
  10. Why are there more colours on some clothing then there are on others?   We try to match up the design to suit the colour available as a hoodie or sweatshirt, and by using mock ups, we can see if it will look good.  Sometime the colour's in the design don't look great on the clothing colour.
  11. Why do you offer adult designs in child's size and vice verses, isn't that inappropriate?  Well, we like to be inclusive and know that size does not define who or what you are, nor should it define what you wear.  We don't judge here at Happy Hoodies, you do you!